Why You Should Start A Small Business

Today’s youth should be more prepared for the work force than ever. With technology and access to any important information we could ever need at our fingertips, we have the game locked in a way the generations before us never did.

Everyone has a calling. Something they know in their hearts they wanna do. For some of us it’s a creative passion, for other’s an international business. Whatever it is, you’ll need funding for it. A job. A job supports your calling, unless your job happens to be your calling right off the bat. Whatever path you choose, it is definite that you’ll need money to start.

Choosing a job at a fast food company or a grocery store will pay, but will it pay off in the long run? You should either start out as a low-pay apprentice, shadowing a mentor who can show you the ropes; someone who is successful and can teach you the art of success as well. Another path would be to start a small business. Think of something there’s a need for, something that you know people want and create it. Put your ideas out into the world and become a young entrepreneur. This is the path that I find most helpful.

A job at a small business is for as long as you want, perhaps even forever, as you are your own boss. You’re learning business early which can only help you in the long run, and you can make constant money if you do it right.

Starting and owning your very own small business can only be beneficial in today’s job market. Entrepreneurship is the future. Find a job in small businesses and let it support your calling.


How Much Money Are You Wasting With TV?

Watching tv is a waste of time, but you probably already knew that. It’s not healthy to sit in front of a television for hours on end rotting your brain with meaningless sitcoms. With all the time we spend watching tv, we could be doing better, more productive things to benefit us. Think about it, if you took all the hours a week you put towards watching shows, and put it towards a goal you have, you could be rich!

I realized how much time is wasted on tv at a young age. I used to have a television set in my room that never went off. I left it on all day and all night. However, when I was 12 years old I asked my dad to take it out and put it in the guest room. I started going outside more and hanging out with my friends and family. I had so much more time to do what I wanted, and less distractions.

Today, I watch about an hour or two of television a week. I sit down and watch a movie with my parents on occasion or if I can’t sleep I’ll put on Netflix and dose off. But, as a child of the technological generation, I try my best to not let tv take over all of my time. This will only help me later in life as well. Some people can lose hundreds or even thousands of dollars just by watching tv. Instead of putting their young minds to work on school or creating a business, they sit around wasting precious time they will never get back.

I try my best to avoid wasting time on tv because I have too many activities to stay inside all day and stare at a television screen. Now social media… that’s a whole different story.

Reaching Your Goals Through Technology

Its almost February, which means were officially about a month into the new year. With the busy month for gyms coming to an end, and all those new year’s resolutions being forgotten in the hustle and bustle. However, if you’re one who is actually looking to try and keep your goals, let technology light the way!

Open your app store and there you will find million- maybe even billions of apps at your beck and call. All you have to do is find the right one. Sure you could go into the ‘search’ section and type in your keywords such as ‘goals’ or something along those lines. But, there’s really no need to waste your time paging through apps, downloading those apps, and eventually deleting those apps, when I’ve found the best ones that are guaranteed to help you make your goals and follow through with them!

I sorted through about 7 highly praised applications before narrowing down my selection to my favorite 2. Coach.me and Strides made it into what I would call my final 2. What I liked about Coach.me was that it was modern, new, updated and easy to maneuver. I effortlessly created an account and began my first goal within seconds. No exaggerations. While you can easily create specific goals of your own, the app also includes a variety of different topics to choose based on the most popular goals that people have set. These options include things such as a weight loss category, a getting fit category, building personal relationships category, a be more productive category, and several more. By choosing one of the options they give you for a goal, you can go into a more specific subcategory and find a plan that works for you to help you reach this goal. This includes having your own personal trainer to give you more individualized help with sticking to your resolutions. There are also thousands of people in your chosen groups and subgroups whom you can encourage and see their progress as well as tracking your own. I would personally rate this app a 9/10, the only downside being that within the free downloading of the app, there are several in-app purchases. If I can avoid paying money for an app, if there’s one just as helpful for free, I would much rather take the free one.

The other app I loved was called Strides. My first thought was, “Amazing!” Compared to some of the other outdated apps I previously had tried out, this particular one was sleek, new, and without any glitches. Gorgeously done. This app is much like the before mentioned Coach.me, in which it gives you a selection of preset goals to choose from. Most things that I wanted from the app were free, which was very pleasing. It was very easy to understand and navigate through. This app does just about everything I before stated about Coach.me, except it lacks having coaches and personal trainers along the way. I would rate this goal setting app at a 10/10.

While some might argue that technology makes us less productive, I believe that if used correctly and if you can find the right apps, things can be so much easier. With apps like Coach.me and Strides at our fingertips, creating goals and sticking to them beyond the first month of the new year has never been easier. I hope that you will only use this information to your benefit and I wish you all your most productive year yet!

Robots Vs. Humans

by Christina Hamilton

Business I Grade 9

January 25th 2016

We’ve all most likely seen this concept many times before in books and in films. The basic plot line where technology surpasses human ability only to have an army of unrestrainable machines that take over our planet, creating a war; humans vs. robots. While this idea always seemed as if to be nothing more than a silly, creative topic to lure action hungry people into the movie theater, it might just become our reality.

According to Moore’s Law, the technology behind silicon chips doubles every 2 years. However, now that same technology doubles every 18 months. This means that computerized programs are only becoming smarter and smarter, smarter than most humans at this point. Computers are created to run almost flawlessly and with the precision a human simply can’t. They also don’t require pay, don’t let emotions factor into actions, and can work for as long as needed without breaks or sleep. So why would any employer choose to hire you over a robot? It’s this question that has many workers fearing for the future. It’s expected that many workers will be replaced with robots very soon, creating a huge percentage of unemployment, but more money for the company owners. The only practical jobs will be those in which robots cannot do, that’s the only way to have security in the work force.

One of the only career paths that makes sense is entrepreneurship. No one will be able to fire you and you cannot be replaced by a machine unwillingly. The future looks especially bright for the entrepreneur as they can use the advanced machinery to their benefit, by hiring robots instead or workers for their business, saving them lots of money that would otherwise be used towards paying their employees, as well as paying for any human error they may wreak.

In conclusion, while the war between robots and humans may not be happening in any time soon, the war between robots and human jobs will. The best thing to do is to prepare not only ourselves, but this new generation for the modern work force. Instead of raising children to be doctors and nurses, accountants or lawyers, we should be encouraging them to explore the world of entrepreneurship so they are guaranteed success in the changing world of business.

#1 Task of a Salesman

Business I : Lesson 10 Assignment.

By Christina Hamilton; grade 9

I was given the assignment to read Harry Browne’s book entitled, the Secret of Selling Anything. In this book Browne gives the reader valuable insight into the world of business and how to become a successful salesman through tasks one must do. According to Browne, the most significant task a salesman (or anyone with intentions to become a salesman) can do is to find the buyer’s motivation. If you can get your potential buyer to open up about what difficulties he faces, you can use this information to your advantage. By knowing the dilemmas he or she has, you can find exactly what they’re looking for and what product in particular will solve his or her problems and make them a satisfied customer. By finding out the reason why they’re shopping in the first place, you can do your best to assess the situation and show them what an accommodating salesperson you are. This act can build a sense of trust, or even the interim feeling of a bond between seller and buyer. When trying to sell your product to someone, it is important that this buyer feels comfortable and as if they can trust the seller they have come too for guidance, so they can feel certain that whatever product they leave with is actually right for their needs, and not just a hoax in order for the seller to make a profit. People love to be listened to and understood, so when the salesperson puts an effort into not only hearing out their motivations, but finding the perfect product for them, they customer is pleased, and will most likely look further into closing the deal and doing business with this salesman. 

Christina Hamilton